Saftey Policy


ONCE, health and safety policy to meet the safety requirements including all applicable codes, standards and regulations.

  • The Management of ONCE, shall vigorously pursue safety of operations materials workmen and environment.
  •  Necessary and reasonable resources shall be taken to safeguard environment and health of personnel and third parties directly involved in ONCE’s operations by providing a safe working environment.
  •  The Management of ONCE shall investigate any accident with a view to ascertain all the responsible elements in order to avoid occurrence.
  •  Training of subordinate staff be the duty of supervisors while they give necessary backup for effective coverage.
  •  ONCE is committed to minimizing the impact of its operations on the environment, through the protection of the materials, equipment, and components from damages resulting from improper operations.
  •  Physical infrastructure necessary for employee’s personal protection shall be use as required.
  •  All recognized codes, standards statutory regulations, shall be rigidly adhered to in all our operations.
  •  In conclusion, we shall operate from the view point that all work place accidents and other down-grading occurrence are preventable.

Let us all put this view point to firm practice because our measure of effectiveness shall be hinged in our safety performance.

Final authority in all matters relating to safety rests with the General Manager of ONCE.